About Code Captains - A modern Software Development Company in Katowice, Poland

About Us

Discover how we combine passion, expertise, and innovation to deliver secure and reliable software solutions.

ING Experience Brought to Your Business

Our team is led by experienced professionals with extensive banking backgrounds and a specialized focus on serving small to medium-sized businesses. Our time at ING Hubs Poland (ING Group) fostered a strong dedication to trust, security, and reliability - values that are central to our approach at Code Captains.

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Improving Your Workflow

At Code Captains, we specialize in automating your tasks. We listen closely to understand your specific needs, then apply our knowledge to create solutions that not only automate, but also optimize your operations.

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Bringing You Tech Innovation

At Code Captains, we focus on continuous learning to stay ahead with the latest tech. Our aim is to provide modern, efficient and secure software, ensuring our clients receive the most innovative and up-to-date solutions.

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